2019 PBH Mixed Secondary Grade



The Term Three Options are outlined below, along with additional information (most of it remains the same as Term 2)

Please contact your school contact if you would like to know more.

* * * * *

First XI Competition.

This is a 5 week competition for First XI Teams Only.

The purpose for this competition is Tournament Prep for the Secondary Schools Tournament Week.

The cost for this competition is $65 per player.

Please confirm via email that you are entering your First  XI Teams by 5pm Friday 28th June 2019.

* * * * *

Second XI/Mixed Teams Competition.

Based on the feedback there will be a 5 Week Eleven-A-Side Competition for any other 2nd XI/Mixed Teams wishing to participate.

We are happy to work with schools to create combined teams if there are not enough players from one school to make a team.

The cost for this competition is $65 per player.

Please confirm via email if you will be entering any teams in the Second XI/Mixed Teams Competition by 5pm Friday 28th June 2019.
* * * * *

Game Format (same as Term 2)

The game format is as follows: 12 min quarters (5min warm up, 3min half time, 2min quarter breaks)


So based on the above the times will look like this . . .

Game 1: 3.55pm warmup, 4pm game starts, 4.55pm game finishes.

Game 2: 4.55pm warmup, 5pm game starts, 5.55pm game finishes

Game 3: 5.55pm warmup, 6pm game starts, 6.55pm game finishes

Game 4: 6.55pm warmup, 7pm game starts, 7.55pm game finishes.


Please be aware the advertised time in the draw is the time the game starts, not the warmup start time.

If a game is running behind schedule then the playing time will be adjusted to suit.  Your 5 min warm up is to be done before the advertised start time.

Please be aware of the players exiting the turf.

* * * * *

Umpiring – Yrs 5 & 6 and Yrs 7 & 8 grades

Secondary Schools will continue to be on the roster for Years 5 & 6 grade and Years 7 & 8 grade. Each school will be rostered on please make sure your school has students available to umpire. The more senior ones can umpire Yrs 7 & 8 while the junior ones can umpire Yrs 5 & 6 grade

A fine of $50 per Game will apply for any no-show umpiring duties by rostered secondary teams.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

* * * * *

Mouthguard Policy

PBH require all players taking part in the PBH Secondary Hockey grades to wear mouth guards (based on the Hockey NZ Safety Policies).

* * * * *


Our Senior Clubs will be umpiring both grades. Please remember that we have a ‘no-tolerance’ policy in regards to umpire abuse or intimidation, whether it be from a player, coach, or spectator.

If an incident occurs then it will be dealt with by PBHA. If you would like to discuss an issue please see either Mai or Louise. If an umpire does not show up then it will be up to the teams to start the game with either a coach or parent as umpire. Please write on the card if the umpire does not show.

Any official notification must be in writing for the official school contact within 48 hrs of the game taking place.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Information Desk:

There is an information desk there on the night.  The information desk will

  • Time games

  • Help with general queries

  • Issue balls, bibs, game cards etc

  • Hold copies of the draw along with game cards

* * * * *

Goalie Gear Rotation:

We understand that Goalie Gear is an expensive item for school to invest it.  We sourced some funding and do have 5 sets of Goalie Gear available for Teams to utilize.

If you would like to part of the rotation please let me know so I can add you to the list.

We currently have two junior sets as well as one small, one medium and one large club set  

* * * * *

HNZ Format (as with Term 2):

We do follow the HNZ nationwide format along with all HNZ Affiliated Associations.

* * * * *

FIH Rules (as with Term 2):

PBH also align with FIH Rules.

New Rules 2019

  • Removal of goalkeeping privileges for substitute field player

  • Attacking free hits within 5 metres of the circle

  • Free hits awarded inside the defensive circle

  • When a Penalty Corner Ends

  • Attackers breaking at a Penalty Corner; the injector is sent back to half way and can be replaced

  • Introduction of match format of 4 quarters as standard